About the Concert: The Concert was held at Princeton University on April 11th, 2015 in tribute to the late great sitarist Aftab-E-Sitar Ustad Vilayat Khan to commemorate his life and work by the Vilayat Khan Foundation.  The concert brought together musicians from all over the world.  The concert was recorded live and was not specifically going to be released, however the music was so amazing we decided to go ahead and release the concert.  Please note, this is a LIVE recording and ambient sounds can be heard but rest assured, the noises do not take away from the music.

Artists Featured: Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya (Santoor), Hidayat Khan (Sitar), Deepak Ram (Bansuri), Indradeep Ghosh (Violin), Enayet Hossain (Tabla) and Avirodh Sharma (Tabla)

On This DVD:

[1] Raga: Puriya (Aalap, Jor & Jhala): 28:19
     Hidayat Khan (Sitar) & Indradeep Ghosh (Violin)

[2] Raga: Puriya (Gat in Teental): 22:03
     Hidayat Khan, Indradeep Ghosh (Violin) & Avirodh Sharma (Tabla)

[3] Raga: Kirwani (Aalap, Jor & Jhala): 20:52
     Tarun Bhattacharya (Santoor) & Deepak Ram (Bansuri)

[4] Raga: Kirwani (Gat in Jhaptal & Teental): 35:57
     Tarun Bhattacharya (Santoor), Deepak Ram (Bansuri), Enayet Hossain (Tabla)

[5] Raga: Bhairavi
     Features All Musicians


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